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Happy Spring

Date: March 21, 2014

Hi Freinds!


Despite how it appears on my website, I did survive the winter!  Besides the challenging weather, I've had a very good January and February.  I tend to fast media for the month of February to regroup, write, read, pray; all things that are good for the soul. I've been to Alberta twice and I'm venturing to Quebec in a few weeks.  So, I've not been sedentary but hidden in a way, and it's very good. 


I've been attemtping to fast sugar for lent.  Yeah, well, not so easy.  I was back "in the saddle"  this week when my son brought me a full fat, full sugar, cinnamon dolce latte WITH whip yesterday.  Minus the caffeine.  LOL!  I drank it.  It was the right thing to do.  All for the children, of course.  I swear I felt floppier on my run this morning but soon this body will get trimmed up from my sluggish ways this season.


Thank you as always for visiting the web page and please stay in touch through Twitter, Facebook or write me a note through the "booking" email.  :)


Take the best of care as you welcome Spring.  I'll see you with my bonnet on very soon!



Winter Wonderland Weather

Date: December 22, 2013

We wish to sincerely thank the beautiful crowd that came to our Christmas Cabaret last night. It was an absolute joy for us to share the evening with you! My thanks to Mike and Kate Willcott for hosting us at The Sanctuary Theatre. Sadly, the service at Truro Wesleyan is beyond my reach this morning due to the road conditions. Please come back to the site this week should we be able to reschedule soon! It has been a delightful season of music. I want to thank all of you who come to hear us. We know resources are limited especially in the area of one's entertainment and time budget. We are humbled you chose to celebrate with us. All the best this holiday season to you and yours! Merry Christmas, Stephanie

Stephanie's Christmas Cabaret

Date: November 27, 2013

Hello Friends!


It isn't too early to reserve your tickets for our Christmas Cabaret at The Sanctuary Theater, 228 Germain Street, Saint John.  The merry hotline is (506)650-5093.  Please leave your name, phone number/email, and number in your party for the show.  This ensures the $15/ticket price and reserved seating.  Everyone is welcome at the door, $20/ticket with rush seating.


We are looking foward to sharing the holiday with you with music from our newly ECMA 2013 award-winning disc, Old Man Winter, some of your favourite holiday tunes and originals.  Make your requests now!  Right now.  Like, today!


Fredericton peeps - The Schnitzel Parlour is awaiting your call.  450-2520!  This has become a tradition and our generous hosts will donate 10% of proceeds to the Fredericton Food Basket again this year.  See me in duo on Friday night, December 6 and trio December 7th!  Oh what fun!


Always a joy to connect with you through whatever means possible!



Season of Thanks

Date: October 28, 2013

Hi Friends!


It's truly a season of thankfulness.  My little cornucopia was overflowing and still is!  A huge expression of gratitude to Jean Surette and Melissa Thibodeau for the very successful Semaine Music NB Week last weekend.  I'm still recovering after late nights that I didn't do in my twenties unless it was being up with an infant.  A tip of the hat to Chuck Teed and the local committee in Saint John that hosted the event.  Well done, folks!  I want to thank Brent Mason as well who hosted our songwriter circle this year.  I thoroughly enjoyed hearing my fellow artists' music in a great venue, with an appreciative crowd and our valiant host. 


I've enjoyed meeting the stellar folks of St. Mary's and St. Bartholomew's church and just this past weekend the dear people of Charlotte County and community at Christ Church Anglican in Pennfield.  Your hospitality and generosity were signs of a great family.  Blessings to you all!


So, you may have noticed the Christmas dates are beginning to be posted to the website.  I'm delighted to announce that music from this year's ECMA Award-Winning album, Old Man Winter will be shared with our faithful audiences.  We'll have some surprises for you this year with a new sound and even more variety than before.  Thank you for choosing to celebrate the season with us!


I will be joined this Saturday evening by a wonderful cellist, Katie Bestvater for a dinner and concert raising funds for Source Ministries.  This is a new organization to me and I'm looking foward to hearing their guest speaker share about their efforts around the globe.


Please stay in touch via Facebook or drop me a note at our contact email.  It's always a pleasure to hear how the music is impacting you.


Take good care and get the woolies out!  It's getting nippy out there!




Happy Thanksgiving

Date: October 11, 2013

Hello Dear Friends!


I wish you all a pleasant Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends.  May you be surrounded by those you love and truly be grateful for the many blessings we find in lving every day.


Let me encourage you to find us on Facebook as they say - search Stephanie Mainville or simply click on the Facebook at the top right of this home page and ejoy a few live performance videos from this past month!  Lots of fun!


All the best.  Thank YOU for stopping by.



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