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Beautiful Season

Date: September 9, 2014

For those of you who don't  already know, autumn is my favourite season of the year.  It boasts the beauty of the closing of summer with the crispness in the air that hints to a time for nature to sleep.  Ahhh...this year is shaping up beautifully already.  I've had a good summer spent with family and friends.  I "go" quite a bit throughout the year so typically have a period of rest in these months.  That could change but for now, I appreciate things as they are and plan for this time each year.  


I'm excited to welcome my dear friend Jocelyn, Greg and two amazing kids to Nova Scotia this weekend.  They have moved to Canada from the United States and are finally "home".  The weekend will be spent helping them get settled in, hanging out with two 2-year olds and sharing some music in Greg's two churches on the south shore.  It's been a long time of waiting for this precious family to be back in this region and I'm delighted to bring my violin with me and celebrate with their faith community.


Hope to see you out and about this fall and over the Christmas season.  I know, it seems too early to mention the word, however, if you are looking to welcome me this year, be in touch soon!  :)


Take care,



Arthur Any Others to Blame?

Date: July 10, 2014

I'm so sorry to announce that the Ashram in Berwick, Nova Scotia is cancelled due to damage from tropical storm, Arthur.  The clean up is extensive and the camp directors knew they wouldn't have ample time to have the camp up to snuff for this weekend.  I'm sad!  


All is well with me and I'm enjoying summer with friends and family.  My iPhone is kaput so I'm enjoying some quieter days eventhough I miss it dreadfully.  Stay in touch with me via the booking email and through Facebook.  We've had some trouble linking Twitter to my page but we're working on fixing that glitch.


Take care!



How Are You Now?

Date: April 27, 2014

Spring Greetings!


Well, it's another month and where I'm doing my best to stay in touch at least monthly, I thought I'd better write soon!  So, how are you?  I'm enjoying the simple things these days like the green grass I saw when I was out on my little walk/jog this morning with my dog.  It was amazing how excited that sight made me.  


If you are listener to CBC Radio 1, you may have heard me last Monday speak about my experiences as a youngster in the NB Competitive Festival of Music.  There is so much more I could have expressed on this topic, but will be adding even more content this week when I attend with my daughter who performs on Thursday.  So, I'm officially a "Festival Mother" and doing my best to be supportive and tend to the needs of our young musician.  I haven't heard her play all year so it will be a treat to experience the sounds of a maturing cellist and her new repetoire.  I can't wait!


I've been traveling all winter to various parts of our beautiful nation connecting with other Gen X (born 1965-1980 approx.).  It has been an absolute joy to discover the passion and dreams that are within us and encourage one another to find their place in the "family" at this time.  We're wired for authentic relationships and purpose-filled lives.  I've read some interesting articles on our generation over the past couple years and believe, more than ever, it's time to step into our God-given place and see the generations link together with powerfull and needed results.  In short, we need one another and there is a reason we are here with the desires and vision that we carry.  Make a tea date with me and we can converse for hours on the subject. :)


Well, it's time to chase some kids to bed so I'll run along.  Speaking of running, I'm starting week 6 of my Couch Potatoe to 5k running program this week, with my overall goal of running a marathon in mid-October.  We'll see how my knees do and how disciplined I become as the weeks roll along and the mileage increases.  My dog is thrilled and hopefully I'll see great results, too.


All the best to you,




Happy Spring

Date: March 21, 2014

Hi Friends!


Despite how it appears on my website, I did survive the winter!  Besides the challenging weather, I've had a very good January and February.  I tend to fast media for the month of February to regroup, write, read, pray; all things that are good for the soul. I've been to Alberta twice and I'm venturing to Quebec in a few weeks.  So, I've not been sedentary but hidden in a way, and it's very good. 


I've been attemtping to fast sugar for lent.  Yeah, well, not so easy.  I was back "in the saddle"  this week when my son brought me a full fat, full sugar, cinnamon dolce latte WITH whip yesterday.  Minus the caffeine.  LOL!  I drank it.  It was the right thing to do.  All for the children, of course.  I swear I felt floppier on my run this morning but soon this body will get trimmed up from my sluggish ways this season.


Thank you as always for visiting the web page and please stay in touch through Twitter, Facebook or write me a note through the "booking" email.  :)


Take the best of care as you welcome Spring.  I'll see you with my bonnet on very soon!



Winter Wonderland Weather

Date: December 22, 2013

We wish to sincerely thank the beautiful crowd that came to our Christmas Cabaret last night. It was an absolute joy for us to share the evening with you! My thanks to Mike and Kate Willcott for hosting us at The Sanctuary Theatre. Sadly, the service at Truro Wesleyan is beyond my reach this morning due to the road conditions. Please come back to the site this week should we be able to reschedule soon! It has been a delightful season of music. I want to thank all of you who come to hear us. We know resources are limited especially in the area of one's entertainment and time budget. We are humbled you chose to celebrate with us. All the best this holiday season to you and yours! Merry Christmas, Stephanie

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