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Let the Songbirds Sing

Date: March 30, 2015

Oh my!  What a winter!


If you've made it, you are a force to be reckoned with.  For us Atlantic Canadians, we've been tested beyond belief with the challenges of every manner of percipitation this year.  I'd like us to make the national news for other reasons, however, we've won the sympathies of the entire nation this year.  Let me know how you're doing!


The invitations are coming in now for summer and fall so I thought I'd better write before then.  I hope to see you come out for some of the concerts this spring.  In particular, I'd like to highlight the Safe Harbour Fundraiser, next Saturday night at RNS school.  Our city of Saint John has many youth, more than you would care to guess, that are "homeless". The numbers are high and they don't include those who crash at friends' houses for the night.  Safe Harbour will not only provide shelter but walk alongside our youth to equip them to thrive as a young adult, with a hope and future.  I will be sharing songs at the Songwriter's Circle along with some other artists, including a song I wrote especially for Safe Harbour two years ago. Visit for all the details!


We have a nice evening in store in the hospitable and warm community of Sussex as I join the Choral Society for their annual spring concert.  We are weaving the sounds of the violin into some beautiful Celtic arrangements for choir.  I can't wait to rehearse and hear some of my favourite music on the planet.  I will also share some original vocal tunes.  Thank you to David Mitchell and the choir for inviting me!


I gotta run.  I really do!  I'm way behind on my training for my next race - the Marathon By the Sea in August.  For someone who doesn't own a treadmill, you can well imagine my challenges running in this weather!


Spring is here!  Rejoice!


Get out there, 


Coming Clean in 2015

Date: January 24, 2015

Happy New Year! What a year it was! Is it just me or do they seem to go by faster as time goes on? I guess that's the sign of a full and generally happy 2014. Sadly, the beginning of 2015 has meant some significant losses for us and for those we love. It's hard to say good bye to a beloved boss, a three year old boy full of joy and life, and a beautiful musician who was the flower of Pictou County, Nova Scotia. I'm thinking of those who have started this year off most grimly. Life is so very precious. I trust there will be songs and sounds of comfort and hope being heard this year to encourage and restore the broken hearts. Coming Clean in 2015 - I said this rather flippantly when joking with a friend after making a comical confession. Well, it's stuck with me somewhat. There's something right and good about lightening our load by letting go of some thoughts, habits or literal stuff that have us stuck or struggling. I honestly believe that the struggles get so much focus that it handicaps us to respond well. Difficulties will come. What we are left with is: will we react with possible fear, anger, disbelief or respond with hope, humility and faith. These are just some of my early meditations in the year. When you know you're loved unconditionally, you can come clean and believe for acceptance. Life is not a performance. It's the fulfillment of a great love story into which we are we welcomed. What an amazing truth. I thank you kindly for your interest in this musical journey this past year. I've appreciated every invitation, note, and conversation that recognizes the value of what I bring. It's my joy to share and spread the love. May God bless each of you and yours as we venture together in this often crazy world. Let's continue to grow in love and grace together. Stephanie

World Traveller

Date: November 20, 2014

Long time no chat!   Is there an award for the web's worst diary keeper?  If so, could someone put me out of my misery and nominate me?  I've been quiet on-line yet anything but sedentary.


I completed my first running marathon on October 19, meeting all my goals and coming across the finish line strong, elated and overwhelmed.  What a rush!  I have some nice pics on Facebook if you'd like to follow me and see some there.  Thank you to those who were genuinely interested in my training and cheered me on.  Thank you for your patience, everyone else.  I promise to stop talking about it for a little while. Problem is, I have the bug now and want to continue with another goal race next fall.  Just warning you!


Any ladies reading this post, please ask me about the 5km Holiday Waddle coming up in my neck of the woods, Sunday, December 7th.  I will be hosting this event that will get us out and moving plus raise money for children who need surgery due to cleft palete. I'd love to have you join us! 



Thank you Red Cross for your invitation to perform at this year's Humanitarian Awards' Dinner.  I was thankful to join you via video performing the song that I wrote last year  - Shelter Me.


I had the most extraordinary honour of taveling to Israel for the first time last week.  I was a part of an internatinoal

gathering of 3800 Christians from 30+ nations who came to Jerusalem in unity and humility.  Read and see more:


'Tis the season and I've had a few inquiries about concerts.  As always, I post on this page where I'll be and when.  Due to much traveling this fall, I have a quieter concert season however, still have a few dates open should anyone still be considering a booking.  Please be in touch soon!


You can hear me on CBC 91.3FM on Monday morning as I share about my experience in Israel.  I will also be on air 

Tuesday, December 2nd as the Harbour Lights Roadshow continues for another year here in Southern New Brunswick.  I will be hanging out at the Tim Horton's on Industrial Avenue in Quispamsis, otherwise known as my dad's retirement office.  Please tune in and or come and see me with your generous donation to our foodbanks.


Please stay in touch.  Follow me on Twitter, write an email... whatever way you wish.  It touches my heart to have heard from a lady in October in Montreal that my song "Home" was played at a dear friend's funeral.  This song ministered to her heart and she requested it for her service.  Words can't describe the encouragement that comes in knowing God's heart is felt through the gift that has been given.


Many happy returns of the day to you,



Beautiful Season

Date: September 9, 2014

For those of you who don't  already know, autumn is my favourite season of the year.  It boasts the beauty of the closing of summer with the crispness in the air that hints to a time for nature to sleep.  Ahhh...this year is shaping up beautifully already.  I've had a good summer spent with family and friends.  I "go" quite a bit throughout the year so typically have a period of rest in these months.  That could change but for now, I appreciate things as they are and plan for this time each year.  


I'm excited to welcome my dear friend Jocelyn, Greg and two amazing kids to Nova Scotia this weekend.  They have moved to Canada from the United States and are finally "home".  The weekend will be spent helping them get settled in, hanging out with two 2-year olds and sharing some music in Greg's two churches on the south shore.  It's been a long time of waiting for this precious family to be back in this region and I'm delighted to bring my violin with me and celebrate with their faith community.


Hope to see you out and about this fall and over the Christmas season.  I know, it seems too early to mention the word, however, if you are looking to welcome me this year, be in touch soon!  :)


Take care,



Arthur Any Others to Blame?

Date: July 10, 2014

I'm so sorry to announce that the Ashram in Berwick, Nova Scotia is cancelled due to damage from tropical storm, Arthur.  The clean up is extensive and the camp directors knew they wouldn't have ample time to have the camp up to snuff for this weekend.  I'm sad!  


All is well with me and I'm enjoying summer with friends and family.  My iPhone is kaput so I'm enjoying some quieter days eventhough I miss it dreadfully.  Stay in touch with me via the booking email and through Facebook.  We've had some trouble linking Twitter to my page but we're working on fixing that glitch.


Take care!



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