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Hugh Marsh
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News from Out of Nowhere!

Out Of Nowhere will feature Hugh Marsh on Electric Violin

  Pop / Roots / Celtic
Members: Stephanie Mainville - Vocals/Violin/Keys 

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We have more news to share with you about Stephanie's long awaited second album titled: "Out of Nowhere".

Hugh Marsh

Out of Nowhere

In an article published this week in [here] (New Brunswick's weekly newspaper), columnist Nelson Hansen was the first to publically break the news that Hugh Marsh will make a guest appearance on Stephanie's new disc.  With his signature electric violin sound, Hugh Marsh has been a regular side-man  for Bruce Cockburn since 1979 and has recorded and toured with Loreena McKennitt since 1990.  He is also the featured violinist on many of Hollywood's biggest movie soundtracks (The Chronicles of Narnia, Shrek 2, Kingdom of Heaven, and many more).  Click on the above links in this message to hear some samples of his work.

Through a very interesting series of connections, Hugh became available to record on one of Stephanie's songs:  "Hold Me Down".  We hope to have a clip of the song to share with you soon (when it gets closer to completion).  Out of Nowhere has been in various stages of recording and post-production for over a year now, and while most of the recording is complete, there is still a lot of work left to do (e.g., mixing / mastering  / manufacturing).  Our latest ETA is a release date of May 1, 2009.  In the meantime, we'll be sending you more advance song samples as soon as they are ready (note:  you can listen to the sample of the first single found in this email).

Thanks for Waiting.

-4Shore Music

P.S.  To read the full article "Stephanie Mainville is making music moves" click [here]


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"On her upcoming disc Stephanie plays alongside one of Canada's most recognized violinists, Hugh Marsh, who has worked with the likes of Bruce Cockburn and whose work is featured prominently in the soundtrack to the Narnia franchise... She deserves to be there because she works for it. Hard." - Nelson Hansen, [here] (Jan 22, 2009)
"The field of songs this year was amazing... Stephanie's song Wait was a fully realized vision, ready for the airwaves as it sat, with a well-crafted arrangement to compliment a work that was already powerful musically and lyrically." - Gary Stackhouse, 98.9 Big John FM (Jan 22, 2009)
"I think this is more of a personal record. Itís more about my thoughts on life and on relationships. - Stephanie Mainville" - Nelson Hansen, [here] (Jan 17, 2008)





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